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while I'm in between projects...

stuff... and such...

It's funny how things grow into themselves... When I bought Fraps back in February it was simply to try to catch a few of the funny moments on cam since the gal who was currently doing so posted that she'd be stepping away. She left big shoes to fill, and I still hope I've done her justice... I remember I bought the program that day, specifically so I could catch the moment where Newt got distracted and walked off the tower to a three foot drop to the floor.

Amazing how the project has grown, since then. random project babblingCollapse )


Happy birthday Molly!

Happy happy birthday to Molly! Sorry it's a monday, but hope it's a good one nonetheless! *huge hugs*

It's windy...

The howling wind
shakes every window
and gnaws the door frames
hoping to find a gap
in our defenses
where it can slip in
to warm itself.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to peredhil31!!! I hope your day is lovely, with hugs and kitten nuzzles and many reminders how loved you are. *hugs*


Paul had a 1pm appt to get his stitches out. No problem with the docs, didn't have to argue about replacing the gauze or anything. The nurse was a little "uh oh, they get kind of antsy about that, but you gotta do what you gotta do." the doc, OTOH, was fine. I explained what was going on and she just said "oh, okay." He has steri strips (which I'll be replacing, they still had the soap and stuff on his arm so he's sweating them off) which will be helping it heal up securely over the next week or so. He has a return appointment in a month just to check it, then he'll probably head back to primary care.

Feeling and strength continue to improve. It could take up to six months for the nerves to heal as much as they're going to, so we'll be watching him for the next while. He's already SO SO much better, that anything from here is just a bonus.



totally random bits and pieces...

Paul's elbow surgery went well, is healing well, and he already has more feeling in his hand and fingers than he has had at any point in the last six months. Well worth it!

One armed showers SUCK.

A wad of saran wrap and tape, unwrapped from his arm and rolled up to throw away, looks surprisingly phallic. O.o

In the DUH alerts - it's Too Damned Hot. I don't mind triple digit daytimes so much if we have a thirty degree cooling trend at night, but twenty degree or less gets to me and keeps the AC really working (even though it's set at 80-82).

It's weird going from fighting molds to fighting dust. Not an unwelcome change, but it is a change, and it's weird to have mold around a window frame be *weird*. Chalk it up to heat and extremely high dew point, I guess?

Saw a WSU Cougars plate holder the other day, and was amused that I was startled by it. OU is drawing in a TON of out of state students this year, though, so we'll probably be seeing plates from all over. Should be fun IDing them all. =)

Eye drops... I've been fighting tired, gritty, dry, sometimes achy feeling eyes for years and never really found anything that worked for more than half the symptoms. Any eye drops will help with dryness, but they'd only get maybe one other thing... So out of desperation the other day I picked up some Rohto Eye Strain cooling eye drops. O.o Menthol in eye drops? REALLY? Ooooookay... DAMN that stuff is nice! Definitely want to make sure you have a minute to just lay your head back and let the drops roll around your eyes, or they'll be spazzing out and totally defocused. Let it do its thing for seriously thirty seconds to a minute and wow. I'd forgotten what it felt like to NOT feel my eyes irritating me constantly. I'll still keep a bottle of basic eye flush around for when I just need to rinse something out, but this stuff is really really good. Who knew? =)
Paul and I went for hair cuts this afternoon. I should have had her thin my hair, from the feel of it, but... yeah, I just went for trimmed and layered.

Paul got his usual military short summer haircut, and spent about ten minutes discussing with the gal what he's been using on his hair because she was exclaiming at how THICK the hair on top of his head is now and that he has hair growing back in his receding hair line!

Borax. 1 tablespoon of borax in a quart of water, gently squeezed through your hair (or massaged over your scalp if you have very short hair) and rinsed out. I thought it was nuts when I first ran into it, and having heard all the hysteria about Borax being toxic I did some research on it first, but yeah... most of the toxicity reports come from studies which don't distinguish between borax and boric acid, and ALL of them are for ingested borax, and I'm not in the habit of eating my shampoo. (besides, it's a HELL of a lot less toxic than what IS in shampoo. Seriously, have you looked at that stuff?)

So, yeah. Weird stuff, but it works. Well enough that his stylist was going to go get some after work and start using it.

My hair has always tended to tangle if you look at it cross eyed. I have, for years, had to use conditioning shampoo AND conditioner. If I didn't, I couldn't get a rake through it, wet. When I was a kid I had to use baby detangler and, usually, wait until my hair was dry to try to comb it. Now, I brush my hair before I get in the shower, gently squeeze this stuff through my hair, rinse and comb my hair under the running water, and I'm done. It combs out when I get out, and when the ends start catching I know it's time for a split ends trim. I'm honestly shocked at how well it works. And, hey, fewer chemicals running down my skin makes me happy.

So, yeah. FWIW, if anyone's interested. If not - we now return you to your day, already in progress. ;)

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, to all our fathers, and to all the moms being mom and dad both.


Happy Birthday!

Happy happy birthday to theycallmemynx!!! *huge hugs*

Happy Birthdays!

Happy birthday to ursulav and eltigreblanco!!!

I should come with a warning this week...

"Notice: Brain may not be fully engaged!"

Seriously, self... yes, you got a new tomato knife. It's a very NICE new tomato knife! Look, it's a very SHARP tomato knife! Yes, it works very well for making salsa! No, don't poke yourself with it. No, your finger is not a tomato. Making it bleed and turn red does not make it a tomato. Seriously, put the knife down, get a bandaid, and consider going back to bed. Really.


It's very good salsa, though!
And it's a very nice knife!
But my finger is not part of nummy salsa.
Most of you will want to skip over this... this is sleepy shutting the brain up rambling and making mental notes...

In which I ramble about equipment and blocks and cloth and bias edges and beware, there's math in here too...Collapse )

oh, and... perspective...

Nothing like going through census files to grant a bit of perspective. No matter how bad a day I'm having I can take some comfort in the fact that my name is neither Tinkle nor Dork.
For everyone affected by the cultural attitudes towards girls today, and/or annoyed by the "real girls do/are/become" assumptions/assertions out there...

please go read this.

I would link you to the metaquotes for it but the comments there are getting pretty dumb, and it cheapens what is a wonderfully supportive big-sisterly type of message to the girls of today. Here's the original, with all its phenomenal comments.



Pain scale, VAMC style

I noticed today, while the nurse was off trying to talk to the doctor about the prescription for Paul's ear drops, that on her file cabinet she had a copy of the pain scale they use there. It's the first really *functionally* broken down scale I've seen yet, and it crossed my mind that it would be good to have here so that when we're talking with them about stuff we're both using the same scale. She very happily made me a copy, and noted that "if it's a ten SHE better be calling me for you." heh.

Copying it over here, so there's no likelihood of my losing it.

10 - Unconscious. Pain makes you pass out.
9 - Unable to speak. Crying out or moaning uncontrollably - near delirium.
8 - Physical activity severely limited. You can read and converse with effort. Nausea and dizziness set in as factors of pain.
7 - Makes it difficult to concentrate - interferes with sleep. You can still function, with effort.
6 - Cannot be ignored for any length of time, but you still go to work and participate in social activities.
5 - Cannot be ignored for more than 30 minutes.
4 - Can be ignored if you are really involved in your work, but still distracting.
3 - Annoying enough to be distracting.
2 - Minor annoyance - occasional strong twinges.
1 - Very minor annoyance - occasional minor twinges.
0 - Pain free.



Dramamine is good.
Bright lights are evil. (usually. now, doubly evil.)
Blueberry pomegranate juice is good.
I miss the days when feeling horrid meant I slept more.

and... who knew that an intro to C++ class years ago would translate into deciphering lua files now?

Dec. 23rd, 2011

so... I woke up with my head aching too much to let me go back to sleep. bleah. lights off, the monitor wasn't too bright, so read comics and checked blogs. made biscuits for breakfast, got dishwasher running, back to finish checking blogs...

and if I weren't too tired and my throat too sore to even curse about it, I'd be tearing my hair out. Gah. Chef/teacher/blogger needs a proof reader/editor? Your =/= You're, waist =/= waste, learn what a homophone is? Clue - it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.


It's December...

and December, no matter where you are, means there are Christmas trees and wreaths out there wherever you go... stealthy little ninja bombs lurking about to explode pollen all over you and make you wheeze, your eyes itch and burn, and what teeny little brain you have subject to being sneezed out in a little splatter of mucousy gooey brain bits.

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, this is not helping my winter blah mood one bit.
Granting, it's a delayed onset due to prolonged sunshine, but it's still winter. It's still cold enough to reinforce the notion that Paul's dad was right... it's definitely arthwrongus, because there's NOTHING right about it.
And there are evergreens everywhere. Even here.
I think I'd have to go to the antarctic to avoid them, and that's a level of cold I'm not willing to endure.

*grumble* *stupid winter holidays* *wasn't even born in the winter anyway* *kicks something* *hops down hallway cursing*

... Happy... Black Friday?

Today, in my household, is official Lock The Doors And Hide From The Crazy People day. I'm honestly a little worried about Ems, who's working today, poor girl.

How about you?


... I should remember not to look...

... I can get myself into SO much trouble looking up game trailers...
Skyrim looks A MA ZING!

Note to self...

just because someone wants to whine to me...
just because someone wants to drag me into their drama...
just because someone wants me to take their version of events as gospel truth...
that doesn't mean I have to even *respond*.

Their wish to communicate AT me does not incur an obligation to respond in any way.

If my lack of response results in them removing themselves from my life - I lose only some drama, which is actually a net gain in peace of mind.

FFS please remember this?

Happy Birthday Peredhil!

Because I'm hoping to not be awake in two hours when it ticks over to the second, but I also don't want to miss it - Happy Birthday to Peredhil! May this year break the pattern for you and you have pleasant birthdays from here forward.


Note to self...

Yes, it's startling and odd to see your words posted under someone else's name. Most of the time, though, it's fine. Uncross your eyes at the thought someone found something you posted worth sharing, will you?

for Molly...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear sis,
happy birthday to you!

*huge hugs*

And dear God please may the next year be nice to you!

Worldbuilding WTF???

For those who do world building, resource placement, mob drops, any/all that sort of thing, check me please? Or for those who just like a frothing rant, follow this way, pleaseCollapse )

"why gratitude isn't for wimps"

Seen on another forum, and wanted to keep track of it...

Why gratitude isn’t for wimps

Psychologist Robert Emmons says his 10 strategies can help anyone cultivate a more grateful approach to life. But he warns that the exercises are not for the "intellectually lethargic." And he stresses that gratitude is incompatible with feelings of victimhood or entitlement, or with the inability to recognize one's shortcomings or to admit one is not self-sufficient. "Far from being a warm, fuzzy sentiment, gratitude is morally and intellectually demanding," he says. "It requires contemplation, reflection and discipline. It can be hard and painful work."

UC DAVIS (US) — A research team studying the positive effects of daily gratitude says it can change people’s lives—but it takes mental toughness and discipline.

The payoff, however, can be significant.

Compared with those who dwell on daily hassles, people who take time instead to record their reasons for giving thanks exercise more regularly, complain of fewer illness symptoms, and feel better about their lives overall. They also feel more loving, forgiving, joyful, enthusiastic, and optimistic about their futures, while their family and friends report that they seem happier and are more pleasant to be around.

“Gratitude is literally one of the few things that can measurably change people’s lives,” Robert Emmons writes in his book Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier. The book outlines 10 strategies for cultivating a feeling of thanksgiving throughout the year.

Emmons, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, and Michael McCullough, a psychology professor at the University of Miami, are gathering a large body of novel scientific data on the nature of gratitude, its causes, and its potential consequences for human health and well-being.

“Scientists are latecomers to the concept of gratitude,” Emmons says. “Religions and philosophies have long embraced gratitude as an indispensable manifestation of virtue, and an integral component of health, wholeness, and well-being.”

Gratitude was unexplored terrain for psychologists when Emmons began studying it in 1998. His first research subjects were students in his health psychology class at UC Davis.

Then, the professor assigned some students to write down five things they were thankful for each day and others to record five complaints. Three weeks later, the grateful students reported measurable improvements in psychological, physical and social well-being compared with their complaining classmates.

Since then, Emmons has conducted variations of the experiment in dozens of other study populations, including organ transplant recipients, adults with chronic neuromuscular disease, and healthy fifth-graders.

“We always find the same thing,” he says. “People who keep gratitude journals improve their quality of life.”
Emmons says his 10 strategies can help anyone cultivate a more grateful approach to life. But he warns that the exercises are not for the “intellectually lethargic.” And he stresses that gratitude is incompatible with feelings of victimhood or entitlement, or with the inability to recognize one’s shortcomings or to admit one is not self-sufficient.
“Far from being a warm, fuzzy sentiment, gratitude is morally and intellectually demanding,” he says. “It requires contemplation, reflection, and discipline. It can be hard and painful work.”

Here are Emmons’ evidence-based prescriptions for becoming more grateful:
• Keep a gratitude journal. Write down and record what you are grateful for, and then when you need to reaffirm your good lot in life, look back on the journal.
• Remember the bad. If you do not remind yourself of what it was like to be sick, unemployed, or heartbroken, you will be less likely to appreciate health, your job, or your relationship.
• Ask yourself three questions every evening. Fill in the blanks with the name of a person (or persons) in your life. What have I received from ___? What have I given to ___? What troubles and difficulty have I caused ___?
• Learn prayers of gratitude. One Emmons suggests in his book from the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh: Waking up this morning, I see the blue sky. I join my hands in thanks; for the many wonders of life; for having 24 brand-new hours before me.
• Appreciate your senses. One approach: Practice breathing exercises.
• Use visual reminders. For example, Emmons has a refrigerator magnet in his home bearing this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery … today is a gift.”
• Make a vow to practice gratitude. “Swearing a vow to perform a behavior actually does increase the likelihood that the action will be executed,” the psychologist notes.
• Watch your language: It influences how you think about the world.
• Go through the motions. Research shows that emotions can follow behavior.
• Be creative. Look for new situations and opportunities in which to feel grateful, especially when things are not going well.

Though he practices these techniques, Emmons acknowledges that maintaining an attitude of thanksgiving is hard work even for him.

“Most psychologists study what they’re bad at,” he says. However, his long study of the subject has convinced him that Cicero had it right centuries ago. The Roman philosopher ranked gratitude as the chief virtue, parent of all the others.

The work is supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

posting so I don't lose it...

Ran across this today and wanted to put it someplace I wouldn't lose it. =)

An Irish Prayer:

May you see God's light on the path ahead
When the road you walk is dark.
May you always hear,
Even in your hour of sorrow,
The gentle singing of the lark.
When times are hard may hardness
Never turn your heart to stone,
May you always remember
when the shadows fall—
You do not walk alone.

Good morning, thunder...

Sounds like God and Jesus are bowling, again...
I wonder who's winning?


and really, that's all... unpacking is as hard as packing and moving, and it hurts.
just very low, very ow, very much want to be able to just sleep... even the sides of my neck hurt, and the back right up under the edge of my skull.
I'm tired, I hurt, and stupid little things are leaving me wanting to cry.
this is so not good.
hunting out my sleeping pills in a couple hours, and I'll wake up whenever the bloody hell I wake up. Everything else can wait until then.

Happy Birthday to eltigreblanco and ursulav!!!

Hope you have a pleasant day doing whatever you want to do. =)


Anyone who has not recently read Ursula Vernon's LJ - well, IMO you're missing out.

Anyone who wants just a dabble in the completely improbable - you should go read her "excerpt from the Regency novel I will never write."

shoo. go read.

*giggles madly*

weird things abound...

like gophers in my back yard (it looked like a brown squirrel that'd lost its tail... who knew?) and a CARDINAL in the neighbor's back yard! I haven't seen a cardinal since I was in Montana visiting my dad's family when I was ten! (yes, I admit it, I squeed)

But that's all part of the deal when you move to a totally new climate/part of the country - all expected and looked for.

I gotta ask one question, though. WTF IS UP WITH THE INVASION OF THE LINT MONSTERS?!?!?! Seriously? We're still sleeping on the air bed since I haven't been back north to get our stuff, and since we unpacked it it has been growing lint until I finally looked at Paul, who looked like he was shedding or falling apart or becoming part zombie or something, gave up and bought a lint roller FOR THE BED. Mind you, this is a Scotch lint roller, not one of the cheap knockoffs that you look at and wonder if it would even be capable of catching a cold. I doubt I'd have captured more lint per sheet short of hauling out the duct tape, which I did seriously consider. By the time I was halfway through with the bed the used sheets were piling up on the windowsill and I was beginning to wonder if I had stumbled upon an undocumented lint breeding ground. By the time I was done with the once over (looking back and seeing some areas I could go back over but probably wouldn't) the handle of the roller was whining and threatening to ditch the tape roll in a mad break for freedom and I seriously wondered if i had just callously captured the next year's breeders and condemned them to death in an incinerator somewhere. Half the sheets on the roll were full and I could have used more making sure I had every last little one of the annoyingly clingy buggers OFF my bed.

What... the crap? Is this a new cash crop I hadn't heard of? O.o

(and I seriously need a WTF tag)

I have one thing to say...


Late in the day for celebrating a round two, game one victory, but still...
I really really like the Sharks. I'll even forgive them for beating my Red Wings.
but I LOVE the Canucks.

/end dork


Happy Birthdays!

Happy Happy Birthday to rev_blacky and tangerinepotato!!! Hope it's a lovely day, and the beginning of a wonderful year for you both!

Happy Birthday Emily!

Happy Birthday! *writes and deletes lots of mom stuff and decides to just leave it at that*


I was driving home from dropping Ems off at work and -
Daffodils and crocus are up!!! Like, in yards!
Dude, it's coming! SPRING!!! Granting, someone needs to tell the storms to shuffle off, but the lowly crocus is our most accurate harbinger of warmer weather. It's always a little exciting to me to see them poking their sleepy lavender heads up and looking about.

*happy happy happy*

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy Birthday, Ben. Twenty four years ago, and about 45 minutes ago, we were phoning your grandparents to wish your Grandpa Glen a happy birthday and tell him I wasn't wrapping his gift, having just gotten you UNwrapped. ;)

I hope the next year is good to you, and you find yourself where you need to be (which isn't always where we want to be).

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Happy Birthday fuzzyhyppie!!

Remember, you're not old, you haven't even hit the speed limit yet! ;)

what I got for *myself*...

Side note here... as much for my memory on specific details as anything, because these days pain and meds cloud everything...

In amongst the wildly successful gifting for everyone else this year (whew) I did get one thing for myself... I ordered in from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs a small bottle of Dragon's Milk perfume oil.

I LOVE it!

This is not only a lovely scent, a solid blend of homey/comforting and feminine sexy, it has some real staying power! I found that first when I checked the tiny sample bottles they sent with it, neither of which I liked, but it damned near took a shower to get them off. ;) Also, I put this on just before leaving a few days ago, and when I next put my sweatshirt on, three days later, I could STILL smell it in it. =) That was a pleasant surprise!

Their descriptions of their scents, alone, make this site well worth a look over. Especially their wonderland section. =) If you do order from them, it takes a bit to get because they're hand crafted when you order. Very well worth the investment, though, and a site I don't want to lose.

And now. to go pick Emily up and take her in, since she's been called in to work. =)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I probably won't be calling anyone but maybe the property management company, as we seem to have lost power to half the house... (Kay plugged in a space heater last night since her room had gotten cold while she was gone, and it tripped a breaker. unplugged the heater and the breaker doesn't appear to still be tripped - flips off and back on just fine - but the power doesn't come back on... whee...)

Hey, at least it's the bedrooms and half the bathroom, right? Not the kitchen...

Seriously, Merry Christmas, you all. I hope you have a wonderful time, and can all recognize just how loved you truly are.

Huge hugs and warm wishes to you all, with a side of virtual pumpkin bread. =)

Edit: Paul fixed it - was oddly an issue with the hard wired smoke detector in the bedroom. Power's on, detectors all work, time to go back to bed!
Note to self - remember to always pack earplugs, cold pills, and sleeping pills. Maybe a brick to bounce on the bed just to prove the point. Heh
I will always remember Karen Dixon saying "It's okay to be whelmed. It's NOT okay to be overwhelmed." Lately, though, it's been a battle to just be whelmed.
One stressed out little kitty... Had to bring Rufus to the emergency vet clinic for a yowling, panting fit. God willing it's just an asthma attack?
ZOMG they're filling out paperwork so sometime in the next few hours she gets to go home!!!

okay, I needed a happy sniffle...

it's been a really really bad week, and I needed a happy sniffle. If you do too, go check this out.

arm hurts too much to mangle the html but it's worth the jump.

Thoughts on how we speak of the dead...

So, we lost George Steinbrenner too, and the media's having a field day with it. I'm reminded of things that crossed my mind a year ago, when overnight Michael Jackson went from being the one everyone loved to crack jokes about to the most gifted person to cross the stage in decades.

I have never agreed with the policy of glorifying the dead. IMO there was only ever one perfect human being, and he had an ace in the hole. Glorifying any human being puts them on a level above the rest of us, and in so doing puts their achievements out of our reach. I don't agree with this. They likely had a goodly amount of talent to begin with, but the rest of it is hard work and deliberate choice. By putting their achievements out of reach of "mere mortals" you deny their effort, their work, their deliberate choice and blood, sweat and tears in making their way to those achievements through every obstacle thrown in their way. We do this with family, with friends, with the rich and famous, alike. It's unfair to them to suddenly change them into a perfect human being who achieved what they had through superhuman talent and ability. They WORKED for what they had. Honour that effort and dedication.

I have equally never agreed with the policy of vilifying the dead. "Speak no ill of the dead" has no place in dealing with the passing of real human beings, but neither does "speak only ill of the dead." To ONLY speak ill of someone who now cannot defend themselves degrades you at least as much as it does the person you're speaking of. It is weak, and cowardly, which may be why it's such a fond past-time of the mainstream media - but that's a rant for another time. There has never been a human being who was superhumanly evil. There has never been a human being who never did a good thing in their life.

Human beings range freely across from awe-inspiring to horrid and back again, but most of us spend our time hanging out in the indifferent range, dabbling our toes into either end because it takes effort and energy to sustain a level of commitment that moves us out of indifference. Yet even in that central range of indifference there are shades of good and bad, of liking and loving, of disliking and hating, ranged around pure indifference. THIS is where we live, 99% of us. This is where we bump into each other. This is where we affect each other - picking each other up or pushing each other down or just journeying along with each other.

The rare few who exceed the range of indifference are often targets, because they inspire us. Whether through fear or through joy, through encouragement or inspiration to never be like them, they move our hearts and affect our lives. We feel far more free to speak OF them than TO them, only in part because we will likely never meet them. By living a more public life they somehow "belong to us all" which is as much fantasy as our perception of their lives.

I propose that in place of policies of glorifying or vilifying the dead, that we treat them as the human beings they were - and really still are, as death does not change them into a puppy or an iguana. I propose that we treat them in death (and better yet in life) with the same respect we would want from them. I propose that we say nothing ABOUT them that we would not say TO them. I believe this should apply to anyone. Better yet, to everyone.

At least consider it.

okay, because we need something funny...

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, and the dads of all of us. =)

coping with chronic pain workbook

Was googling about to see what different resources are out there now, than were the last time I looked (virtually nothing, then)...

very interesting. There's a lot more information, both in terms of books available and in terms of professional descriptions and recommendations.

I think I'm going to have to get this... The Chronic Pain Control Workbook, 2nd ed. The writeup on this page is pretty complete, the features page listing each chapter so you can see if it includes information on your issue or something related to it. This one actually covers several of the things I deal with daily, so it may well be a good investment. At worst, it won't and I'll know that and can steer others away from it. =) Looks almost disturbingly promising, though, for someone who firmly believes that if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Critical Security Flaw in Adobe!!!


Critical security flaw in Adobe Flash, Reader, and Acrobat.

Affected software
Adobe Flash Player and earlier 10.0.x versions for Win, Mac, Linux and Solaris
Adobe Flash Player 9.0.262 and earlier 9.0.x versions for Win, Mac, Linux and Solaris
Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.3.2 and earlier 9.x versions for Win, Mac and UNIX

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Release Candidate does not appear to be vulnerable
Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.x are confirmed not vulnerable
Source: Adobe

Not sure where you'd GET Flash version 10.1 since Paul's on the site right now and they're still pushing, which is a problem. Will look that up here shortly, but wanted to get word out ASAP.



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